About Us

C.A.S.S. is a society to promote the sport of Single Action Shooting and getting the whole family involved. C.A.S.S. currently has over 100 members both interstate and international.

Single Action Shooting is the fastest growing sport world wide, the interest it has created is amazing!

Single Action Shooting is a group of folks getting together in period western clothing, adopting an alias and competing in a safe but serious shooting sport.

A single action shooter needs 4 firearms at least - 2 single action pistols, 1 pistol calibre lever action rifle, 1 side by side hammerless or hammer Shotgun. He or she MUST have an A.B.H. class licence.

There are many clubs in Australia currently involved with this sport, just ask us who is close to you or check out our contacts page! The actual shooting events revolve around B Grade Western movies, where you shoot actual Stages using all 4 firearms. For example a stage may call for 10 Pistol - 10 Rifle - 6 Shotgun all shot at seemingly large reactive steel targets.

The targets can be varied being knockdown, moving or just on stands, which are placed at certain degrees allowing projectiles - once expelled and shattered to hit the ground in front of them.

Shooters choose a category and then shoot for a ranking against each other. For example Modern Pistols (Blackhawks etc) you would be in Modern Class. Traditional (open sights) - Traditional Class, if you shoot one handed you become a Duelist. If you wish to shoot Black Powder you will be in Frontier Cartridge (but you need open Framed Pistols to shoot in all Competitions) Cap-n-Ball Pistols are obviously C/B Class.

We also have Ladies, Junior, Seniors, Elder Statesman and Gunfighter categories.

It is a very serious shooting sport - you will be under the supervision of Qualified Range Officers at all times.

When you visit one of our ranges, the rules are VERY STRICT and safety is CRUCIAL as you will see. But we, and the thousands of shooters we have met world wide can guarantee you will have FUN!

Costuming is essential just as much as choosing an Alias. You have many opportunities to get costumes - 2nd hand clothing stores are great if you aren't handy with sewing machine, or Buckaroo Bobbins (USA) have patterns pertaining to the period.

As for your Alias, choose a character or profession of the late 19th Century or Hollywood Western Star or a Fictional Character.

Hope to see you around the Camp Fires joining in the fun of Single Action Shooting!



To be a member of C.A.S.S. you must be a member of S.S.A.A. (Sporting Shooters Association of Australia). This is for insurance purposes.

You must also be a member of S.A.S.A. (Single Action Shooters Association) to register your alias. 

Contact Details: Mister Skye/Lonesome Dove